Our Team

Gordon J. Bullard

Founder and Director of the company

If there’s someone who can explain anything, Gordon is the one. His fancy fantasy matches perfectly with his business and communicative skills.

Gordon began his career as a five year old child, shovelling snow for neighbours and soon realised he could hire other kids to assist him and built a lawn and house care business that he sold at 15 for a profit. The Bullard family operated KSM Corporation for close to 100 years, a custom metal fabrication and industrial contracting company with over 100 employees. Upon the death of his father Gordon ran the company and successfully invented, designed and manufactured numerous metal products. As a result, passion for building and selling quality products came alive within him. During a vacation in Italy many years ago he met a couple at a wedding who invited him to tour their murano glass factory and love for lighting began. Gordon sold all of his companies in 2004 and became a full time father, then one day his daughter went to the first grade and he found himself with a lot of free time. Debating the next chapter of life and trying to decide on what would be next, Gordon randomly read an article on the LED and the reinvention of the light bulb, and the rest is history.

Valentyna Lazar

International Director Sales Department, Director of  European Office

Valentines’ passion for connecting with current and future customers comes through as she engages with customers on a daily basis.

Valentyna Lazar has a Bachelor’s degree in English language and literature. She is immensely motivated and capable of multitasking and working long shifts. Valentine worked in sales for almost five years, and had become a worker of a month a few times. She leveraged finely-honed interpersonal and time management skills to successfully manage a team and increase profitability achieving corporate goals and objectives. Her love for SMM managing started a few years ago, when she was asked to create and manage a company’s social network. She works closely with clients to develop and execute a proactive, social content calendar, managing all phases digital marketing initiatives from concept through delivery and optimization. She loves travelling, hiking and has chosen active sport as her hobby. Gordon Bullard & Co is a new bright page in her career. Isn’t working in a friendly, young and developing company what everyone dreams of?!

Kelcey Vandyke

Finance and Administration manager

Kelcey is responsible for the financial health of our company. She holds authority over decisions regarding income, costs, payroll, investments, mergers, and acquisitions.

Kelcey Vandyke grew up in Hickory Corners Michigan and graduated from Ferris State University with a Bachelor’s degree. She has worked with Gordon Bullard and Company for over 10 years starting as an intern and working part time as a student. Kelceys’ first job was a wedding planner, but she found light industry far more calmer and rewarding versus brides and grooms. Kelcey used to work in the banking industry but always had returned to her roots with Gordon Bullard and Company . Kelcey enjoys baking and operates a successful cupcake business from her home. In her free time she enjoys training large cats and has traveled all over the USA and the world to personally handle and train tigers, lions, and other large felines. Kelcey handles administration and accounting matters as well as special assignments for the company.

Hermano Khrulenko

Social Media and Communications Director

Hermano is responsible for curating company’s social channels and is in charge of both Internal and external communications.

Hermano Khrulenko grew up in a coastal town, and dreamt of becoming a sailor in a childhood. But as and adult he changed his priorities and realized that his passion for photography and design can be a part of his career.
Hermano graduated from an IT school with a diploma in “Social Media Marketing”, and also finished several courses in design and photography.

His role at Gordon Bullard & Co is to monitor, moderate and respond to audience comments; manage social media partnerships with other brands; and create and post shareable videos and images. Hermano also conducts analyses on audience segmentation, key messages, communications schedules, challenges the status quo of the business and the communications department and seeks out new creative and innovative ways and opportunities for elevating the business’s brand..

Lucia Vlacianu

Creative Design / Manufacturing Director

Creative and artistic, Lucia applies that artistic nature in a corporate environment.

Lucia based in Bucharest Romania brings the company an amazing breath of experience as well as a global perspective. Complemented by 5 languages Lucia provides seamless communication with our media, manufacturing, and global partners. In addition, to an innate skill set Lucia has represented and worked with a plethora of media professionals , artists, and designers throughout the world and will continue to strengthen our design to build and multimedia capabilities. Lucia also manages our international media and supply chain partners. Lucia enjoys Hard Enduro Mountain Cross, being a mother of two wonderful boys, and spreading love and kindness throughout the world. .

Lina Tantsiura

Engineering Department

Lina is a young and perspective engineer, she honed her skills and discovers new ones with our company.

Lina Tantsiura joined Gordon Bullard & Co in 2019 as a recent graduate in electrical engineering from Kiev National University. She is primarily responsible for the electrical design staff. Lina’s thirst for knowledge turned into vast experience in all facets of design, estimating, working drawings, specifications and construction observation on a wide variety of projects.

Lina is also responsible for the review of engineering drawings to ensure the design meets the firm’s quality and safety standards as well as all applicable regulations.

Diana Merino

International Order Logistics and Control / Product Design and Development

Diana is from the Carpathian mountain range of Western Ukrainian that expands from central to Eastern Europe. Growing up deaf she studied the written languages of many countries and engaged in literature from far and wide expanding her perspective of the world.

Since she was a child Diana dreamed of traveling the world and becoming an active member of international NGOs. She studied clinical phycology and became involved in various educational programs. After graduation, she continued to earn a doctorate in the literature to better communicate her perspective and life in written form. Multi-lingual and “ talented beyond anything I can imagine” as per our founder Gordon Bullard sums up our belief in her.

Her passion for light and design extends from early childhood and her ability to communicate in several languages and the use of numbers is a perfect addition to our team.

Günay İnan

Design Partner

Günay İnan began her outstanding professional career in 1993 as the founder and designer of İroni Lighting and Home Accessories design firm, which is a luxurious lighting fixtures and home equipment company in Istanbul, Turkey.

Since then, she has been experimenting with various approaches to interpreting the relation between light and shade by transcendentally shifting from a modern to traditional style, or vice versa, venturing into modernism and stepping away from conventionality in order to create unique environments under any circumstances. Her design projects have been implemented with high quality, innovation, and aesthetics in mind, as her inspiration has always been derived from cultural diversity and richness.

Internationally renowned lighting masterpieces designed by Günay İnan have been used in some of the most famous hotels, offices, restaurants, villas, and mansion projects all over the world. Her vision and style prominently stand out in any project she has ever undertaken and leave an everlasting signature of originality and authenticity.

Daria Bullard

Office Manager/ USA

Daria speaks fluently in two languages and grew up in Richland, Michigan with a passion for art and creative thinking, growing up she explored various art techniques and mediums. Now Daria Is 18 and is working to earn her Associate of Arts degree in graphic design in order to take another step forward in her artistic knowledge and career.

Daria Kozak

Logistics Manager

Daria is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. She has a master’s degree in international economics and big experience in international logistics.

Responsible for planning and managing logistics, transportation, and customer service in the company.

Directing, optimizing, and coordinating the full order cycle.

Daria enjoys walking in the mountains, horseback riding, and bikejoring.

Marina Nykoliuk

Marina is able to manifest the qualities of a gentle soul, who is able to see all the beautiful moments around her; like picking a leaf off a maple tree thats turning yellow.
Marina shows the resilience and courage of a person who, for the sake of a loved one, will travel to the ends of the earth, just for a minute, to embrace them in a loving hug. Her soul loves water, because in Latin her name means “sea”, the sea cleanses our souls; her soul loves fire, as it’s flames transform pain into growth; her soul loves the air, because if she does not breathe, she does not live; and lastly her soul loves the earth, because if there were no material things, then She and everyone around us would not be here. Marina is like the sun, illuminating everything around her with light and happiness; but she can also be the Moon, revealing the calmness that darkness can bring.

She changes and grows but one thing thats forever unchanged, is that everything Marina touches is filled with light, love and most importantly life.

Lighting business Gordon Bullard&co LLC attracted Marina by the fact that their life principles are 99% identical. The company illuminates people’s lives, leads them from darkness to light, creates conditions for creativity and inspiration, and arouses the desire to create something new and be happy in what they do together with light sources from Gordon Bullard & Co.

Moskalenko Daria

Kindness, a vast imagination, and intuition – these are the qualities that make Daria the woman she is. These qualities are important for a graphic designer not only in their work, but in life as well.

Daria gained her knowledge for Faculty of Information Technology at the Kharkiv Economic Research Center.

In order to master new skills, Daria requires a lot of studying, so she participates in thematic workshops and courses.

She believes that its crucial to find mutual understanding with any client, in order to efficiently communicate. Having studying the field of psychology she is able find that connection and understand the client. Daria has great problem solving skills, and accomplish this her goals, implement strategies.

Esotericism, psychology, design, and geopolitics are just some of the things she continues to study every day.

She doesn’t need dreams, but there are goals and ways to achieve them. She is sure that only a few things remain at the end of life. After all, what could be better than starting a new day with a cup of aromatic coffee? That’s right, a cup of coffee and the thought that in any life situation it is necessary to remain human, expand goodness and explore the ways of other people.

A freedom-loving person who loves travel, design, creating something new and contemplating the beautiful things life has to offer.

Zhenuki Anastasia

Good things come to those who take action!

This is Anastasia’s life motto. She’s a person who combines technical aspects and an understanding of beauty, in order to achieve greatness. Anastasia is a person of exact science, she studied with a degree in physics and mathematics, received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in high technology, and worked in a large chemical production. But her soul demands are beauty and art. That is why she became a 3rd House artist. When you look at her, you will never understand what shes thinking. Because she does not work, she lives for what she does. From the very beginning, you can always rely on her without fail. Therefore, the important design work fell on her shoulders. She creates very difficult technical work with ease, excitement and passion. She’s someone who’s always open for new ideas and ways of thinking!

Mathilde Hurel

Chief Product Officer

Mathilde has a Bachelor Degree in Management & Marketing in Hospitality. She is also a graduated sommelier and baker. She is a very passionated team member attached to details, skilled on a lot of levels. She is a perfectionist and an excellent leader.

She managed different restaurant teams on a Michelin Star level, and she always achieved her goals. She is a finalist of a French National competition in Hospitality.

After working on Marketing product management for the Company, for more than one year.

She proved more than once her capacity to achieve what she aiming for.

We are proudly presenting our Chief Product Officer;

She is in charge of structuring and accelerating the company’s economic growth.

In particular, she is in charge of product strategy and oversees all elements of the product, from its conceptualization to its launch performance.

Therefore, she will be actively training our agencies to achieve common bags!

Hiking in different part of the globe, exploring new cultures and learning languages.